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العلماء هم ضالتي في كل بلدة وهم بغيتي ووجدت صلاح قلبي في مجالسة العلماء // Orang-orang yang berilmu agama adalah orang yang kucari di setiap tempat. Mereka adalah tujuan yang selalu kucari. Dan aku menemukan keshalihan hatiku di dalam bergaul dengan mereka. (حلية الأولياء وطبقات الأصفياء , IV/85 )

Why do i take IELTS ?

Kuliah November 11th, 2014

IELTS is stand for the International English Language Testing System. It is a system that measures the ability and capability someone (who lives in non-English Speaking Country) in English proficiency. It comprises 4 modules, i.e. listening, reading, writing, and speaking. It becomes a mandatory requirement when someone travelling to abroad for study and work.
The reasons of my choosing IETS are because IELTS reflects my expertise in real English. So, if we can master the IELTS, able to answer the questions in IELTS test, it will be our basic on academic life in campus. We will be able to follow all of the courses, consult with lectures and professors, arrange student final project or thesis, and make friends with all of the student from all over the world. And also, IELTS is admitted by worldwide institutions in the world. Includes my destination university that I’m interested in study in. Although located in Germany, English is the medium language in campus. So, certificate of IELTS is a must.
IELST is easy to learn. There are many available resources in internet, in bookstore. And also, we can easily find the course institution around us that offers IELST course, one of them is TEST-English Course.

Among the institutions that existing in KampungInggris Pare, I assume that TEST is the best one for study IELST intensively. It has a standard curriculum which makes students are able to follow the instructions in the class. By combining class and dormitory it makes me rewarding and exciting. I was surprised when I know TEST using The Cambridge books as study references. It is a plus value because The Cambridge books reflects the real test itself.
And also, many students form TEST acquired good score in IELTS test. Mostly they have been in abroad for currently now. I have a friend who ever studied here encourage me to join in IELTS. He is in Newcastle pursuing his PhD degree with sponsored by LPDP scholarship. Namely Muhammad Rezki Hr. Syukron ki.
I choose TEST, besides its reputation it is the cheapest among the others English course that I’ve ever known. The comprehensive study, the intensive time that endorse me to learn more from early morning up to midnight. So, I feel I could get many benefits and obtain other expertise in English, of course. Thanks.



11 November 2014

TEST-English School

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