Hari Hari mu adalah Umur mu..

العلماء هم ضالتي في كل بلدة وهم بغيتي ووجدت صلاح قلبي في مجالسة العلماء // Orang-orang yang berilmu agama adalah orang yang kucari di setiap tempat. Mereka adalah tujuan yang selalu kucari. Dan aku menemukan keshalihan hatiku di dalam bergaul dengan mereka. (حلية الأولياء وطبقات الأصفياء , IV/85 )

So Many Memories

Perjalanan April 13th, 2016

I was born and raised in Pariaman, West Sumatera, Indonesia and began my career newly arrived in jakarta while finishing my study at UGM, Jogjakarta. I moved to jakarta in May 2011 and had the opportunity to work with some wonderful person in Telco company. Within telco company i conducted activities such as planning and optimizing network, make a report and analyzing.

After a terrific 3 months living in jakarta, i decided to relocate to my beloved hometown, padang. My boss agreed with my decision because this company had also a running project there. 1st ramadhan i leaved for padang by airline which is arranged by my company as well. I had the pleasure of working on site because it was closer to my family.

During working period in padang, i had been relocated to some areas in indonesia.

On january 2012 , i relocated to jakarta for one month and then went back to padang.

On Macrh 2012, i relocated to palembang for two weeks and went then went back to padang.

On april 2012, i relocated to semarang for one month and then went back to padang.

From june 2012 to March 2013 i was involved in telkomsel project , West sumatera region.

On April 2013 , i move to Bandung, west java for a long term, if not wrong it took 1 year i live in bandung.

On june, i asked for permission to my company to allow me flying to padang. Do you know what’s happen ?

I finally got married on June 7th 2013 (yes!). i brought my wife to bandung to live together there.

After then, on March 2014 i decided to sign out from my previous company in due to several reasons. Then i moved to palembang and stayed there for several months. At the end of October, my son born, i named him Uwais. And i have to took care him afterward. Walhamdulillah.

January 2015 i flew to madinah, Saudi Arabia. Visited Grand Masjidil Haram, University of Madinah, tasted somes arabic traditional food walhamdulillah.

March 2015, i got a job opportunity in Bandung moved together with my family as soon, rent a house, bought a motorcycle. I was satisfied during staying in Bandung, many families around and friends who can get along as well.

Not almost one year In Bandung, i decided to sign out.
In this february 2016, I relocated to Balikpapan.
Now, i’m in Samarinda Kota Tepian which 3 hours from Balikpapan.

I obviously write this short experience due to feeling how quick the time running is.




15 February 2016

Tepian Sungai Mahakam, Kota Samarinda

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